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With your contribution, we ensure that refugee students are not put on hold, but can enrol in university education. Many refugee students are waiting for more clarity on their asylum applications for months, sometimes even years. Until then, they cannot enrol in regular education in the Netherlands. At Incluusion, refugees, regardless of status, can follow free courses at Bachelor programmes at UU and the University for Humanistic Studies.

Every contribution, big or small, is appreciated
With your money, the things we can do include:

  • Paying travel expenses for the refugee students, who often live in asylum seekers' centres throughout the country.
  • Buying the textbooks they need in order to follow a course.
  • Funding our buddy programme, in which regular UU students can support Incluusion students in their studies and integration. 
  • Providing guidance to refugee students, eg. through personal intakes in which we discuss which courses best suit the students' backgrounds, and by organizing check-in moments during the courses. We also help students take the next step towards a regular study programme.

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Donate through Tikkie by scanning the QR code with your phone or by clicking on it. You can fill in any amount you like.

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You can also support Incluusion by visiting Incluusion's donation page on the website of the Utrecht University Fund.

One-time contributions are tax deductible under certain conditions. Are you considering supporting Incluusion regularly or for multiple years? You can already do that starting at 100 euros per year!

If you have any questions about donating, you can contact the project manager of Incluusion: Ragna Senf ( For more information, please also see this page of the Utrecht University Fund with an elaboration on the fiscal advantages of donating.

On behalf of all Incluusion students, we cordially thank you for your contribution!

I don’t like telling people I am a refugee. Now I can say I’m a student.

Vluchtelinstudent Yves met Elena, Marij en Hilke van Incluusion
Yves Nahimana