Buddy Support

In the Buddy Support we match regular UU students to (new) Incluusion students. This contributes to their academic and social integration. Coming from another cultural background and adjusting to a new educational system can be confusing and overwhelming. That is why the guidance of an UU student who’s been studying here for a bit longer can be of great help.

We train the volunteering UU students to become an Incluusion buddy, and then match them with Incluusion students for the upcoming block. In return, both parties receive a helpful and enriching experience!

For whom?

Our Buddy Support is aimed at Incluusion students who are following a course at the UU for the first time. At the start of the course, the new students are matched to other UU students who volunteer to be buddies. All UU students are welcome to apply to be buddies.

Buddies can support students with...

  • Navigating the UU buildings, platforms and services.
  • Discussing what studying at the UU and living in the Netherlands is like. For instance, by giving tips on writing assignments, presenting, studying for an exam, or explaining how to deal with course literature. Good to know: You don’t need to have the same academic background in order to do this. It’s more about what teachers expect of students here at the UU, and how that might be different from what Incluusion students previously experienced in their home country.
  • Building a social network, which will help to create a sense of belonging at the UU.
  • Meeting up ideally every two weeks, to do activities or study together. You can also join the Incluusion events together!

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Three students during the event Utrecht Photo Hunt took a selfie with the Dom tower