Course Guide

On this page you will find a new course guide each academic block, showing you the courses at the different faculties of the UU and the University of Humanistic Studies. You can see below the course guide for Block 2 and already have a look at the course content and requirements. 

The registration period for Block 2 (which starts mid November) has opened on Monday 11th September at 12:00pm. Registration will close on Sunday 17th September 2023 at 23:59hrs

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Be sure to read our Frequently Asked Questions completely before you register for a course!

The courses are categorized by faculty. For each course, we mention the course title and the course level: 

1. Bachelor level: 

  • Introductory level: a course in the first year of a Bachelor's program 
  • Elaborating level: a course in the second year of a Bachelor's program 
  • Advanced level: a course in the last year of a Bachelor's program 

2. Master level: only accessible for students with (minimally) a Bachelor degree in a related academic field.

Faculty and course descriptions
Below you can find a short description of all faculties, followed by the available courses. The description of the courses can be found at this catalogue page: OSIRIS Student Mobile ( . Make sure to copy the code of the course (indicated before the name) from here below, and paste it in the OSIRIS catalogue. There you can read more information about the course content, requirements and schedule. Read the information about each faculty and course carefully, so you can choose the faculty and course that suits your interests, your highest obtained educational level, and your academic background. Check whether you meet the course requirements in the course description.  

First come, first serve
Incluusion works with a first come first serve principle. There are only limited spots available. Participation runs according to the order of registration, on the understanding that regular Utrecht University students registered for the study program will have priority. We do however look at batches of applications and then select the ones the meet the courses requirements best.

Registration period
The registration period for Block 2 is now open. Registration will close on Sunday 17th September at 23:59hrs

Please note that you SHOULD NOT contact the teachers directly about your application. If you do so, your application WILL NOT be considered. The right procedure to follow is explained in the registration page and if you have any questions you can always contact us via email.