Incluusion Community

Welcome to the Incluusion Community, where our aim is to create a sense of belonging for refugees and asylum seekers at UU. We want to give a voice to those often unheard and provide a safe space for everyone to socialize, study, and work together alongside allies.

WhatsApp Community

Apart from organising events, we also have an active WhatsApp Community. Through our WhatsApp community you can receive announcements of upcoming events. You can also share experiences and ideas, and help each other with questions about studying and working.
Join our WhatsApp community through this link.

Community Goal

The goal of our community is to create a safe space:

  • where refugees, asylum seekers, and allies can come together to increase the sense of belonging of people with a refugee background.
  • where people can help each other academically, professionally, and socially to work towards full-scope integration.
  • in which participants have a say in how our community is organized and events are held.

The Incluusion Community is a project that I hope will reignite the passion and ambition of the many amazing people that come to the Netherlands with hopes of a new beginning. A community of support, kindness, and togetherness.

Hesham - core group member
Hesham Al Sallal, core group member

For whom?

The Incluusion Community is here for you, whether you're an Incluusion student, Incluusion trainee, UU student, or UU staff member – with or without a refugee background. Together, we can drive positive change, break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and create opportunities for people with a refugee background to share their unique talents and stories, building a more inclusive university.

We look forward to getting to know you, learning from your experiences, and building a brighter future together.

Find out more about our core group and how we are organised.