Incluusion Traineeship for Refugees

Statusholders can gain work experience at Utrecht University through the Incluusion Traineeship program. We offer an opportunity for several candidates to start an unpaid traineeship at Utrecht University.

Ahmad and Laurens share their experiences with the Incluusion Traineeship

The traineeship lasts for 6 to 8 months and will help statusholders to:

  • Gain work experience and work towards sustainable integration and participation.
  • Learn more about the Dutch labour market and workplaces.
  • Develop a relevant professional network.

During the traineeship, the trainees will:

  • Gain work experience in a specific organizational structure within the UU.
  • Follow an intercultural awareness training.
  • Have a personal budget available for professional development training.
  • Follow Dutch language classes.
  • Go to informal meetings with the other trainees to exchange experiences.
  • Join Work2Work, the services provided to UU employees helping them to find a new job if the traineeship does not lead to a job at the UU itself. 

More information is available on our Dutch website, because the traineeship is aimed at people with B1/2 level of Dutch. 

Email us if you have any questions about the Incluusion traineeship: