Course Guide Utrecht Summer School

The course guide for the Utrecht Summer School of 2024 will be published next year below on this page. The registration period is currently closed. The next registration period will be for the summer school of next year. Keep an eye on this page to stay updated!

The description of the courses can be found at this page: All Courses | Utrecht Summer School . Make sure to copy the name of the course from the course guide here below, and search for it in the summer school page. There you can read more information about the dates in which the course will take place, the level, the content and the requirements. Make sure you choose a course that suits the level of your background and your interest and that you meet the entry requirements. Note that there are Bachelor, Master and PhD level courses.

Do NOT apply through the Summer School website. Registrations for the summer school are currently closed. 

Keep in mind that all the courses are 1 or 2 weeks long. They are all fulltime.