Hooray! The Diversity & Inclusion Award 2024 has been awarded

26 March was the day the winner of the Diversity & Inclusion Award 2024 was announced. This year's award was received by Makeda Ferguson and in addition, for the first time, the D&I Stimulation Award was also presented...

D&I Award and D&I Stimulation Award

D&I Award and D&I Stimulation Award
EDI Programme Manager Brigitte Prieshof opened the ceremony with a welcome to all those present in the packed hall, after which the nominees introduced themselves and spoke about their commitment to diversity and inclusion and its importance within the university community. Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Leoniek Wijngaards, then pronounced the laudatios and revealed the winners. The laudatios can be read in the right-hand column on this page. 

In addition to the D&I Award, the D&I Stimulation Award was also presented for the first time. This new award aims to give promising initiatives an extra boost. The winner of this new award is Yousef Al-Sallal. The UMC was also in attendance. Charisma Hehakaya, winner of the D&I award 2023, presented this year's self-conceived 'Best Support Award 2024'. This award is especially for UMCU employees and was presented to Nizarre Henriquez.

I feel very hopeful for the future, and it feels as if all the work the past and present boards have put into ACHN is being recognised and honoured. I hope that the UU and Science Park remains a place where we can all give support and be supported.

Makeda Ferguson
Winner D&I Award 2024

Nothing is greater than when your achievements are acknowledged. This achievement is not mine alone, it is that of everyone around me and those who are making an effort to build a new life.

Yousef Al-Sallal
Winnaar D&I Stimulation Award 2024

Treat everybody the way you would like te be treated. And for al the people listen more and speak less.

Nizare Henriquez
Winnaar Best Support Award 2024

2500 euro

The award ceremony celebrates and recognises the efforts of individuals or teams who have contributed to an inclusive and diverse university. In addition to the recognition, the winner receives a prize of €2,500, intended to support further diversity promotion efforts.

Who were all nominated?

About EDI

The aim of the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) programme is for everyone to feel welcome and valued at Utrecht University. We believe that staff and student diversity enriches the academic debate and that everyone deserves equal opportunities. We see this aspiration as our social responsibility.

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