Connecting to the Yoda Network Disk using WinSCP

1) Make sure you have installed WinSCP. Use the WinSCP install guide if needed.  

2) Start WinSCP from the Desktop icon or the ‘Start’ menu.

3) In the login window, ensure that the file protocol is set to “WebDAV” and encryption is set to “TLS/SSL implicit encryption”.

4) Enter the address of your research environment in the ‘Host name’ field. Certain faculties and research programs have their own Yoda portal. Your data manager has provided you with the exact URL after your registration. 

5) The port number should have its default value: 443.

6) Click on ‘Save’ and then on ‘Login’. WinSCP should now open your Yoda Network Disk. 

7) Fill in your credentials in the ‘User name’ and ‘Password’ field. 

The user name is your email address (in lowercase) and your password is the Data Access Password you created (see Using Data Access Passwords). After you have logged in, you have access to your research group.