Storing your data

Yoda allows you to store your data in a secure way. All data in Yoda is stored in research groups. These are the main folders. Their names always start with 'research-'.

Your data is stored in your own research group. If you want to download or upload bigger amounts of data or files (more than a couple of files / MB’s), you need to use the Yoda network drive instead of the website portal.

To store data in your research group, first make sure that you have configured the Yoda network drive. This adds a network drive to your computer where you can store your data.

Now that you have access to Yoda through the network drive, you can start working with your data in your research group. You can work with your data like you normally would via the file explorer. For example, you can copy, paste, drag, open, and edit your data. Use your existing applications and tools to work with the data.

You can only access files in another research group if you have been granted access to that group.