Using Data Access Passwords

When you log into the Yoda web portal, you either authenticate using multi-factor authentication with your Solis ID (for university researchers, students and other employees), or use username/password authentication (for external collaborators).  

There are also two other ways to interact with Yoda: the Yoda Network Disk and the iCommands command-line tools. You will have to create a temporary data access password to use them. A data access password is a temporary password generated by Yoda that you can use for a short time (typically 30 days). 

In order to create a data access password, log into the web interface (see the list of environments here) Click on the yellow button with your email address in the top right corner. In the menu that shows, select "Data Access Password". 

Click on the yellow button "Generate new data access password" to generate a new password. 

Optionally, enter a description in the label field. You can use labels in case you use multiple data access passwords (for example, if you use different passwords on different computers). 

You can now copy the password and use it with the Yoda Network Disk or iCommands.

After you have copied the password and closed the dialog, you will see an overview of your active data access passwords.

Please note that your data access password is strictly personal and should not be shared with other people. Utrecht University IT staff will never ask you to share your data access password with them.