You can contact for the following issues:

  • Issues with accessing Yoda
  • Issues with managing users
  • Issues with retrieving data
  • Lost data
  • Issues with creating groups
  • Issues with accessing data
  • Help with transferring many (1000s) files or large files (many GB to TB and beyond)
  • Suggestions for improvements of Yoda
  • I want to get into contact with other Yoda data managers
  • Issues with command line tools (iRODS iCommands) and/or virtual Linux installations to use command line tools

Data management

You can contact if you have questions regarding data management including but not limited to data management conventions, privacy and security, data management plans, GDPR, legal, IT services and solutions, research engineering, software development, etc.

UU IT departments

If you want to contact your own IT department of your faculty to determine if there are any payment solutions available to use Yoda, please check the UU intranet for the correct contact person for your faculty. If the IT department indicates that there are no department / faculty / university wide solutions, please contact

Data breach

If you think you have experienced a data breach (such as unauthorized access, a data leak, etc), please report this to the ICT Service Desk ( and the Yoda team ( and specify what Yoda environment you are using, for which Yoda community and Yoda research groups it occurred, and a description of the data breach (including how you noticed the breach).
If you cannot find your data or you think the data is lost, please only contact as this does not necessarily constitutes a data breach.