I am a promotor at Utrecht University

Yoda, the place for researchers and their promotors to make the most out of their research projects. You as promotor benefit from Yoda in several ways. It helps your PhD candidates to efficiently and safely store, manage and share their research data during all phases of the project. Therefore, using Yoda can therefore help to boost the progress of your work together, and makes it easy for you to collaborate. Of course, you can also use Yoda in your own research. Here you can read more about the benefits from working with Yoda.

Also, as a promoter it is important that you meet research data management requirements to get your research funded. When you use Yoda, you can be sure that this is the case. Here you will find statements about Yoda that you can include in your grant application or in your data management plan. For help and assistance with your data management plan or with managing your research data, please check Research Data Management Support. Please be aware that each PhD student places the data in the vault before departure. This must be arranged before departure of the PhD student.

If you are new to Yoda, you start with requesting access. Once you have access, you can start using Yoda to work with your data.