Attend a Yoda workshop

RDM Support, in collaboration with the Yoda team, offers workshops on using Yoda in your research. 

Workshop for beginners 

The hands-on workshop "Getting started with Yoda" will get you started with using Yoda in your research. In this two-hour workshop, you will learn: 

  • What Yoda is and can do for you
  • How to get access to Yoda
  • How to store your data in Yoda
  • How to share your data with others
  • How to archive your data in Yoda
  • How to publish your data in Yoda
  • How to access your data in Yoda from your local computer 

No prerequisite knowledge is required to attend this workshop. Visit the website of RDM Support for more information and the workshop dates. 

Workshop for advanced users and data managers

Workshops for more advanced users and data managers are available on request. This can be offered to a faculty, department or research group. Please contact RDM Support and let us know what kind of workshop you are interested in.