I am using Yoda

Yoda allows you to store, manage and share your valuable research data in a secure way. Your data is kept in a research group, which is a main folder. You can store your data in subfolders and organize them according to your needs.

In Yoda you can collaborate with others by sharing data, add metadata to make your data findable, archive data to secure it and publish it.

If you access Yoda through the website portal, use the Yoda address from your research environment. Certain faculties and research programs have their own Yoda portal. Your data manager has provided you with the exact URL after your registration. On this page you find an overview of the addresses of certain research environments and faculties.

Whether you access Yoda through the website portal or the network drive, you have to log in. Your email address is your username. If you are a student or employee at Utrecht University, use your solis password.  If you are from elsewhere, you have received instructions to set your password after registration. After you have logged in, you have access to your research group.