Data responsibility

You are in the position to guide and support Yoda users with their data stored in Yoda. Although you approve or reject submittal requests to the Vault and for publication, you are not responsible for the data itself. The Yoda user / researchers are the owner / creators of the data and remain responsible for the contents of the data package. If for example data would be published containing errors or privacy sensitive information, you cannot be held liable for this publication as the researchers are responsible for what they publish. You simply cannot be expected to delve into all files in a data package and have deep understanding of the data or statistics involved. The transfer of data handled by the system (backup, transfer to Vault, transfer to publication) is the responsibility of the Yoda team for a correct working of the system. Any possible unintentional loss of data caused by normal usage of the system is the responsibility of the Yoda team. (Intentional actions leading to loss of data is of course always the responsibility of the one causing that intentional loss of data).