Sharing your data

If you want to collaborate with others in your research project, it is possible to give others various degrees of access to your data.

Giving other researchers access to your data

1) Go to the website portal of your Yoda environment and log in.

2) Click on the yellow button with your email address in the top right corner of the screen. In the menu that is shown, select 'Group manager'.

3) In the left pane of the Group Manager you now see the research groups that you have access to. Select your research group. Note: the image below is an example; you will see the name of your own research environment on your screen.

4) Now you will see information about your group. Under 'Group properties' you will find general information about your research group. Under 'Group members' you will see a list of the people that have access to your data.

5) Select 'Click here to add a new user to this group'.

6) Enter the email address of the person you want to add. The address must be entered entirely in lower case. If the email address is not known by the system, you will see '(create)' behind the email address. Click on the email address that is shown to you, then click on add.

Changing the role of a user in your research group

Yoda-users can have three different roles in a group:

1) Members with read-only access.
They can view or download files and folders in the group.

2) Members with read-write access.
They can view, download, upload, modify or delete files and folders in the group.

3) Group managers.
They can grant and revoke access rights for the group. They can also view, download, upload, modify or delete files and folders in the group.

A group manager has read and write access and controls who has access to the data and which roles members have. 

You can see which role a person has. This is marked through an icon on the left of their email address. By default, a new user will be a member with read-write access to the group. If you want to change the role the group member has, then follow these steps:

1) Go to 'Group members'.

2) Click on the person of whom you want to change the role.

3) Click on the role you want to assign to this person.


Explanation symbols:

The person has only-read access.
The person has read and write access.
The person is a group manager.

Revoking access to your data

As a group manager, you can revoke someone’s access to your research group.

1) Follow the instructions for changing user roles.

2) Click on the button 'Remove user'.

Now this person is removed from the research group. He or she has no longer access to the data.

In certain cases, you may want to create a new research group. You will find the instructions to do so here.