I am a researcher at another university or institute

Yoda is the place for you as a researcher to store, manage and share your valuable research data during all phases of your research project. Although Yoda was originally developed for researchers from Utrecht University, it is also open to their partners from elsewhere. If you collaborate with a researcher from Utrecht University, you can manage your data in Yoda. This makes it easy to collaborate on research projects.

If you are a researcher at another institute and you collaborate in a project with researchers from Utrecht University, please contact us.

If you are a researcher at another institute, then please contact your own data management department. They can inform you about the possibilities to work with Yoda.

The benefits of Yoda

You can benefit from Yoda in several ways. For example, you can give others access to your research data. Yoda allows you to work with big amounts of data, while making it easy to add metadata, archive and publish it. Also, you can easily make your data findable for others and thus contribute to ‘Open Science’. Here you can read more about the benefits from working with Yoda.

If you are new to Yoda, you start with requesting access. Once you have access, you can start using Yoda to work with your data.  

If you are not an affiliate of Utrecht University, please contact your own research management department to find out about the options to use Yoda. Since Yoda is an open system, other institutions can also implement it.