Friday, November 22, 2019: Autumn Festival and Design Thinking sessions

Come to the Teaching & Learning Lab Autumn Festival on Friday, November 22, 2019 and participate in the Autumn Festival or one of the three Design Thinking sessions. Look at the programs and sign up

The mission of the Freudenthal Institute (FI) is to contribute to high-quality education in mathematics and the natural sciences through education, research and professionalization. The FI is part of the Faculty of Science at Utrecht University, and consists of science didactic research groups, the History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) department, U-Talent and the Teaching & Learning Lab (TLL).


23 April 2019
Prof. Toine Pieters will be appointed as Ambassador for CLARIN ERIC for two years.
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18 March 2019
The consortia that are still in the running have now each been awarded one million euros to develop more detailed plans.
22 January 2019
The 2019 Summer Schools 'Technology in Science Education' and 'Mathematics Education' will both take place at the end of August.
29 November 2018
Back in time with the Utrecht Time Machine: residents asked to help
Ralph Meulenbroeks
21 November 2018
On 24 October, the YouTube channel by Ralph Meulenbroeks reached the magic number of one million views.