With this tool it is possible to compare up to three Bachelor's programmes on different subjects/parts. How does this comparing tool work? Type in the first 3 letters of your bachelor in the search window in the top right corner of this page. Select from the different options. Repeat this search with one or more bachelors. Now you can compare the selection with one another.
Short description
Courses year 1You will take 2 subjects per period on average.
Courses year 2You will take 2 subjects per period on average.
Courses year 3You will take 2 subjects per period on average.
Extended studyOffered education to provide additional challenges and deepening of insights besides your Bachelor's programme.
Language of instruction
Admissible profiles
Educational methods
Group size
Contact hoursThe number of hours on the clock per week that this degree programme offers in terms of education in its first year of study.
Teaching locations
Related mastersThe Master's programmes you see here are offered by Utrecht University.
Student evaluationOn a scale from 1 to 5 (source: National Student Survey).
First yearsAn indication of the average number of students in theoretical lectures and tutorials in the first year of the degree programme.
Success rate year 2The percentage of students who directly move to the second year of study of the same degree programme after the first year.
Graduation rateThis number shows how many students who move to the second year of this degree programme obtain a degree within four years.
Employment rateEmployed within 18 months after graduating from a connecting Master's programme, national average (source: WO Monitor).
Clarification statistics