University College Roosevelt is for those with more than one interest; for those that are passionate about many different disciplines and topics. You can combine courses from the Arts & Humanities, Engineering, the Sciences, and the Social Sciences, while building a strong foundation in academic skills. UCR prepares you for your career in modern-day problem solving.

While you follow this broad program, you will be living in guaranteed housing in the historic city of Middelburg. You will be surrounded by roughly 600 students from all over the world, who are just as motivated, internationally oriented, and socially active as you are. Our students are highly involved in making the UCR community as close-knit as it is by organizing events such as concerts, volleyball matches, guest lectures, or the Christmas Market - open to all people from Middelburg!

Living in Middelburg 

Middelburg is in the heart of the province Zeeland. It is a relatively small but buzzing city, which enjoys the luxury of being close to a unique delta area, the beach, and great natural beauty. It has a vibrant cultural life, a fascinating history of political and trade relations, and great connections with the rest of Europe. In Middelburg you will find a wonderful library, study spaces at the Archives, and the historic Lange Jan tower which is fun to discover. You can also have an ice cream or drink on the Market square and join one of the many student activities organized by RASA.

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Your future home

You do not need to worry about finding a place, as housing is guaranteed until you graduate! We have four main campus locations right in the city center of Middelburg. In three of these locations, you will find studio apartments with your own facilities. In the other locations, students have their own private bedroom, but share the bathroom and kitchen facilities. You will be living with students from all over the world and spend time cooking, eating, partying, and studying together. 

Explore our campus locations here.

Key facts

BA (Bachelor of Arts) / BSc (Bachelor of Science)
Language of instruction: 
Mode of study: 
Study duration: 
3 years
February, September

Fall semester applicants:
Apply before 1 April* / 1 May. Applications open in October of the year before you start.

Spring semester applicants:
Apply for 1 October* / 1 November. Applications open in July of the year before you start.

* The first deadline is for students with a non-EEA nationality who need a residence permit.

Tuition fees: 
2024-2025: € 4,610 (EU/EEA), € 10,910 (non EU/EEA)

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