Are you broadly interested and have you always wanted to know more about both the past and the present? Then the History programme is a good match for you!

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History is not only about the past, but also about the present. After all, without knowledge of the past, you cannot understand the present. By collecting sources and analysing and interpreting them, you acquire knowledge. We also teach you to look at the past from different perspectives.

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Two tracks

In the first year you will become acquainted with history from antiquity to modern times. From the second year on, you obtain more in-depth knowledge of historical backgrounds and events through our History track. For students who are especially interested in International Relations, we offer an International Relations in Historical Perspective track.  

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It is not only the basic knowledge of the past or historical facts that fascinate me, but particularly the skill to connect the dots to a greater picture, which you train during a Bachelor's in History.

Henri Rösch is an international student
Henri Rösch is a student

A sneak preview

Want to know what it's like to study History? Then check out this lecture by Maarten Prak (emeritus professor of Economic and Social History) about 'How to Be Dutch, the Modern Way'. Do you want to know more? Then sign up for the study!

Why History at Utrecht University?


  • you can then broaden your horizons. Put your knowledge into practice during an internship or literally go a step further by studying abroad. We offer you the opportunity to do so in our study programme

  • in Utrecht, political history and international relations are part of the History programme. Are you still hesitating between Political Sciences, International Relations and History? Then come this way!

  • you can become a member of  study association 'De Utrechtse Historische Studenten Kring'. They organise activities such as lectures, excursions, sports tournaments, theatre, parties, galas, study trips and political cafés. 

  • you can follow honours programmes. This is extra challenging education, especially for motivated and talented students.

This is what our students say

Our students know better than anyone why the study programme in History is a good choice. Below you can read why they chose this programme and what makes it so attractive. See History in figures on Studiekeuze123 to compare this programme with other national programmes.

Key facts

BA (Bachelor of Arts)
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Study duration: 
3 years
Tuition fees: 
Dutch and other EU/EEA students (statutory fee 2024-2025, full-time): € 2,530

Institutional fee 2024-2025: € 11,333 (EU/EEA), € 12,598 (non-EU/EEA)

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