Elite Sports Students

Utrecht University nurtures all talent, whether of the intellectual or sporting kind. Outstanding athletes studying at Utrecht University can take advantage of special, bespoke provisions and facilities. Please see our Elite Sports Policy (pdf, 54 kB) for the full details.

Which facilities and provisions are available?

Utrecht University offers a range of facilities and provisions to registered Elite Sports Students, including:

  • Special provisions within your faculty
  • Financial support
  • Provisions in kind

Utrecht University makes these provisions and facilities available to Elite Sports Students for a period of one academic year. After this period has elapsed, you must apply for an extension and submit any required supporting documents.

Registering as an Elite Sports Student at Utrecht University

Student in sportoutfit is aan het hardlopen met een wapperende Universiteit Utrecht vlag.

As you can see in the video, we strongly encourage you to make an appointment well in advance with one of our Elite Sport Student Counsellor, Eva Beeftink. If you do not, it may be too late for us to help you. You should also make sure to register as an Elite Sports Student with Utrecht University well before you start your degree programme.


Contact our Elite Sports Student Counsellor, Eva Beeftink, via Student Services.

Please enclose an official declaration from your sports association or national sports committee.