Have you always wanted to know more about the medieval languages and cultures of Ireland and Wales? Then the Celtic Language and Culture programme might be a good match for you!

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Learn to distinguish truth from myth

Our students will answer all your questions!

Do you like to read myths and sagas? Would you like to know more about druids, bards and warriors? Around the beginning of our era, Celtic-speaking peoples lived in almost all of Europe. They developed a fascinating culture, which continued into the Middle Ages. These peoples are the focus of our study. 

A connection with today's modern world

Studying Celtic will introduce you to the medieval languages and cultures of Ireland and Wales: Middle Welsh and Gaelic. Celtic literature had its peak in the Middle Ages, but you will also immerse yourself in political history. And the field is still developing. A golden coin treasure from the first century BC found near Maastricht' or 'A crane operator who finds an intact medieval book in the Irish peat bogs'. These are recent discoveries in an area of research that has existed for 2500 years!

What I like about the study is that it mixes language and culture and you learn to look at it from different perspectives, like archaeology or literature. And there are so many nice subjects that you don't have enough time to follow them all!

Jorrit Muller is alumnus
Alumnus Jorrit Muller is enthusiastic

Choose your own direction

In Utrecht, you can combine Celtic with many other subjects. You decide where your focus lies, such as translation, history, ancient history, medieval studies, literature or economics. And do you want to get more out of your studies and develop your talents? Then you can choose to follow honours courses or to do a double bachelor. And in contrast to most Celtic Languages and Culture programmes offered abroad, you will learn not just one, but two ancient languages here in Utrecht: Old Irish and Middle Welsh. That comes next to the English you practise. 

You have to study Celtic Languages and Culture in Utrecht, because

  • we are the best in the country! Moreover, Celtic Languages and Culture in Utrecht is the only place in the Benelux where you can follow this programme.

  • you can also study in Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and France. By studying at universities in (former) Celtic areas, you come into contact with the modern variants of Celtic languages; a fun and useful addition.

  • you can then become a member of Study Association Asterix. They organise activities such as drinks, study trips, lectures, book sales and the introduction for first-years.¬†

  • studying at Utrecht University means studying at one of the world's best universities.¬†The¬†Shanghai Ranking¬†ranks Utrecht University as 1st in the Netherlands, 17th in Europe and 56nd in the world!

  • you will study in a lively and atmospheric Utrecht. You will take classes in the city centre, in monumental buildings around the Dom Church. Read more about the¬†Utrecht Introduction Period,¬†finding accommodation,¬†student organisations¬†and events and activities.

This is what our students say

Our own students know better than anyone why the study programme Celtic Languages and Culture is a good choice. Below you can read why they chose this programme and what makes it so unique.

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