Are you hungry for knowledge, do you have a critical attitude and are you persistent? Do you also enjoy working together with fellow students and lecturers often to organise symposia or study trips abroad? If so, the honours programme may be just what you are looking for.

What is an honours programme?

Honours programmes are extra-challenging degree programmes that continue where standard university programmes end. The education programmes broaden and deepen your knowledge and give you enough space to look beyond the limits of your field. At Utrecht University you can choose between honours programmes within your own bachelor’s programme or interdisciplinary honours programmes at UU Honours College.  Most honours programmes start after the beginning of your degree programme.

Why honours?

Honours programmes bring out the best in you. You will work together with your fellow students extensively and delve deeper into your field together. In an honours programme, you never settle for the answer 'it's just the way it is'. You encourage each other to perform better and learn to handle situations creatively.

Honours certificate

An honours programme is also an excellent preparation for a successful career. After graduating, you will receive an honours certificate. You will also be at an advantage if you apply for a scholarship or want to enrol in a follow-up study programme, either in the Netherlands or abroad.

Honours community

As an honours student at Utrecht University, you will become familiar with research with multiple projects early on and have the chance to develop your talents optimally. There is also a study community where you can organise many things together, such as guest lectures by prominent scientists, mutual exchanges of knowledge, excursions and study trips abroad.