Our education

Utrecht University offers top quality programmes in a world-class academic environment, where teaching is closely linked to the latest research. As a UU student, you’ll be taught in small groups by top researchers and lecturers, who are usually experts in their field. The university is at the forefront of developments in interdisciplinary knowledge. Our research has a defining impact in fields ranging from biochemistry and biophysics to human rights and culture.

Small-scale education

Studenten achter een laptop samen in gesprek.

Utrecht University offers study programmes based on the Dutch educational system. This is a student-centred approach with plenty of interaction between teachers and students, and a focus on active learning. Ou programmes offer a personal, activating and -whenever possible- small-group learning experience as well as excellent supervision and support. You will apply your knowledge in individual assignments, group work, presentations and exams. Your learning process will be assessed by our teachers based on the Dutch grading system.

Self study

Education at Utrecht University includes plenty of self study. You will usually spend just a few hours a day in classes. Most of your study time will be spent studying on your own or in groups. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to fill in your own time, and to study whenever you want. However, it also gives you more responsibility.

Core values

Education at Utrecht University focuses on doing justice to the diverse ambitions and talents of our students, by creating an open and inspirational study environment. The university has three core values, which are embedded in the education system.

Studenten in gesprek en zelfstandig aan het studeren.

Constantly improving

Students are encouraged to develop their own, critical view on relevant topics. Passionate lecturers guide your learning process and actively contribute to the improvement of education.

Studenten en docent die samen lopen

Freedom of choice and flexibility

UU provides plenty of opportunity for students to put together their own educational programme. In this way, we aim to give students the opportunity to develop their own ambitions and talents.

Docent en student overleggen

Student counselling

Discovering what interests and motivates you is not always easy. We respect your choices and are willing to provide student counselling to help you shape  your study career.

Extra challenge

Utrecht University encourages all students to develop their talents to the maximum extent. The university offers a double degree for students who are looking for an extra challenge.The university also offers a number of special programmes for highly talented and motivated students, including the bachelor’s programmes at University College Utrecht (UCU) and University College Roosevelt (UCR). Alongside your bachelor's degree, you can also follow an honours programme if you are looking for an extra challenge.