Working while studying

International students can work in the Netherlands subject to certain conditions. You can find more information about working while studying on this page.

Working while studying

Work permit


If you are employed, you are required by law to take out the Dutch basisverzekering (basic health insurance). The cost of this insurance policy is higher than a private student insurance policy. You can visit the Nuffic website for more information. To apply, you can contact an insurance company or apply for the collective UU insurance policy from Ohra (tel. 020-4004040). Due to these higher costs, it may be more cost effective to work full time during the summer months rather than a few hours per week during the academic year. In this case, you can limit the cost of the higher insurance premium to the three summer months (June, July, August) and take out the cheaper student insurance for the remainder of the academic year. 


If you have a job and do not apply for a basisverzekering, you will be fined. The fine is €402.24, and you will also be charged the monthly fee for the basisverzekering from the date you started working. Needless to say this can cost you a lot of money, so please make sure that you apply for the basisverzekering if you get a job! 

Income tax

Your employer must deduct income tax and social premiums, which provide disability pay and unemployment benefits, from your gross wages. In principle, your employer will deduct these social premiums from your pay before you get it. As an employee, you will also be insured against the consequences of an accident on the job. In some cases you may be required to file a tax return. Please refer to the website of the Belastingdienst (Tax and Customs Administration). 

Citizen Service Number 

The Citizen Service Number (Burger Service Number, BSN) is a unique identification number. You will receive this number automatically when you register with the municipality. You need this number when contacting various government agencies, including the tax and customs administration. Your employer also needs this number to be able to pay your wages. 

Finding a job

Finding a job as an international in Utrecht can sometimes be challenging. TaskHero provides various jobs for non-Dutch speaking students in partnership with BuddyGoDutch. 

Part-time employment and additional income 

A few suggestions for finding part-time employment: 

  • Many students find a part-time job in a restaurant, bar or shop. This kind of job can be found by contacting employment agencies (including those specially aimed at students) or by reading advertisements, newspapers and noticeboards. 
  • Job vacancies at the Utrecht Science Park. 
  • Important: if your income exceeds the extra earnings threshold, this will affect your entitlement to claim a student loan or grant. For more information about additional earnings, please see the DUO website.