Studying in Utrecht

The university is based in Utrecht, a dynamic and growing city in the Netherlands. Despite being one of world's smallest countries, the Netherlands has big global influence.


Utrecht is the fourth largest city in the Netherlands. The city of Utrecht is located in the heart of the country, making it easily accessible by public transport.  It has a rich history that goes back almost 2,000 years. Its architectural legacy includes both ancient and very modern buildings. Utrecht’s old city centre has remained largely intact, with picturesque canals and elegant parks, cafés and cultural venues. The imposing Dom Tower rises high above the city,  and is surrounded by restaurants offering dishes from around the world, cinemas, clubs and boutiques that give Utrecht its unique vitality and atmosphere. 

Utrecht University

Utrecht University offers an inspiring setting for students to live and study. The university harnesses innovation and sustainability to meet new challenges and realise its ambitions. The university has a bustling student community made up of many different student organisations and societies that nurture talent and creativity.

The Netherlands

Although it is one of world's smallest countries, the Netherlands has over 17 million inhabitants. Despite its size, it is the sixth largest exporter and investor in the world. This is partly thanks to its central location in Western Europe. The Netherlands and Utrecht are an ideal base to visit other countries across Europe while you are studying. There are excellent transport links to all major European cities. Schiphol Airport has flights to and from destinations all over the world and is just a short car or train ride from Utrecht. Utrecht itself is the central hub of the Dutch railway network.

International society

The Dutch tend to have an international outlook on life. The majority of the population speaks English, regularly travels abroad, and is accustomed to having neighbours who may originally come from another country. Some 118 nationalities work and study closely together at Utrecht University. It’s easy to get by in the Netherlands without speaking Dutch, as most people have at least a basic understanding of English and are usually more than happy to use it. 

Students biking on the rainbow lane

What internationals say about studying in Utrecht:

  • "Everyone speaks English!" 

  • "It only takes three hours to cross the country." 

  • "A wealth of cultural activities." 

  • "They do everything by bike!"