Limited enrolment

    Some programmes can only accommodate a certain number of students and will conduct their own selection processes to decide which students to admit. These selection processes consider not just academic performance but also other relevant competences. You can apply for these programmes until 15 January. Participating in the selection procedure for a limited enrolment programme is free of charge.

    Programmes with selection

    Utrecht University offers several bachelor’s programmes that only admit a limited number of students. Places are allocated based on a selection procedure.

    Programmes with limited enrolment

    Utrecht University currently has 5 limited enrolment programmes:

       Applications on:
     Capacity % 16 January 202416 January 202416 January 202316 January 2022
    Biomedical Sciences (Biomedische Wetenschappen)175318%586586625
    Veterinary Medicine (Diergeneeskunde)225484%1.0881.0511.222
    Pharmacy,including the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences) (Farmacie)300224%672649662
    Medicine (Geneeskunde)304451%1.3721.5231.523
    Psychology (Psychologie)600362%2.1692.1762.141


      The registration, selection and final enrolment for limited enrolment programmes consist of seven steps. During the process, you will receive information and instructions in Studielink or directly from the programme (specifically steps 3 and 4) and International Student Admissions (specifically steps 3, 5, 6 and 7).


      The rules for the five academic programmes with an intake restriction are recorded in:

      Deviation of the rules

      In certain situations, you may ask the university to deviate from the rules, for example if you fail to pass your exams and wish to cancel your selection attempt.