Insect meadow & Bee hotel

Next to the Discovery Garden you will find an area where the conditions have been made as favourable as possible for all kinds of insects and small animals. These include frogs, dragonflies and damselflies, butterflies and bees.  Nectar plants provide food for many of the insects.
Here you will find a Bee hotel for solitary bees and some beehives for domestic bees. The honey is for sale in our shop but due to hight demand, might be sold out though!

At the back of the area there is a breeding site for grass snakes. Empty eggshells can be found here and visitors and staff at the Botanic Gardens occasionally see young snakes. This indigenous species is not poisonous and is extremely shy so it is a real treat when you get to see them.

Pollination by insects

Almost all of those plant species (can) bloom, and many of them rely on insects for pollination. We “zoom in” on these essential plant-insect relationships.

You too can be part of this Flower ball.