Birders Den

The area of the garden just outside of the fort moat used to be called 'the outer fort'. Part of this garden is left to grow more or less naturally, enabling local indigenous plants from the Kromme Rijn area to grow and flower. No new species are planted here. The soil is kept as impoverished as possible, which means that it is mown twice a year and the cuttings discarded. The result is a natural, almost wild terrain.

A new addition here is the Birders Den. Here you can watch small birds like tits and robins. You can see them, but they can't see you so you can observe them closely as they eat the food we provide.
This new building was partly funded by allumni of Utrecht University and the Cultuurfonds utrecht.

The Birders Den is opened during opening hours of the Garden and can also be used as shelter for a rain shower.