Utrecht University Botanic Gardens provides space and expertise for (outdoor) field and greenhouse experiments as well as education. Projects we facilitate range from topics of evolution, biodiversity, ecology and geology to climate change.

From its very beginnings in 1639, Utrecht University Botanic Gardens have been an institute for the facilitation of both research and education. At the core of our activities lies the ambition to further our understanding of biodiversity, evolution and their relation to climate change and to disseminate this knowledge towards society. We welcome experiments and education from all disciplines related to these topics.


Across our gardens we have approximately 600 m2 of greenhouse facilities subdivided in various compartments where we can house experiments and grow materials for research and education. Our staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience and (past) projects range from growing plants for education, outdoor experiments in peat soil subsidence, studies of mangrove dynamics and growth conditions of rice to trial runs of meteorological experimental setups and more. In addition, our several thematic gardens provide a wealth of diversity and space for education, ranging from excursions to open air lectures and student projects (both BSc. And MSc.). Lastly, our collections provide a plethora of possibilities regarding genetical and morphological studies in relation to species diversity, climate change and for example plant-insect interactions.  


Our greenhouse research facilities offer the possibility for various (passive) climatic conditions, including but not limited to for instance various lighting and temperature conditions. We also have possibilities for outdoor and semi-outdoor experiments (e.g. sheltered). Depending on exact requirements and funding we are capable of supporting experiments in terms of watering and daily control (both latter services require additional fee and need to be discussed during consultation, see below). Electricity and (running) water are available as well as (temporal) processing space. 

Access and further information

Applications and inquiry for research and/or educational projects should be filled out using our automated form. Please read the explanation before filling in the form.


Please note that although we welcome projects, we also expect those who make use of our facilities to also be involved and provide information for public outreach where possible. UU staff and students can make free use of available space (excl. additional services such as watering or control) within our greenhouse and outdoor space but only after consultation and agreements have been made. External users for research projects are charged. These amounts per m2 per week will be determined based on exact specifications and requirements. No show after agreements have been made for a specified period will be billed as a consequence of obstruction by use of other parties.