Realised thanks to our Friends

The support of our more than five hundred Friends of the Botanic Gardens is indispensable. With an annual contribution of at least €35, they support the Friends of Botanic Gardens Fund. This is how they make wonderful projects in our Gardens possible every year.

2023 Telling the story of plant evolution

What is evolution? And why is evolution actually so essential for the flora in our ecosystems? We explain that in the new Evolution Garden. It will be beautiful. To make it a true voyage of discovery for young and old alike, we are building educational installations. Thanks in part to the Friends' contribution, the (expensive) installations can be built.

Bomen worden van vrachtwagen geladen

2022 Trees in the new Evolution Garden

The new trees for the Evolution Garden were budgeted for purchase in a basic size. After which it would be years before they reached any volume. Thanks to the Friends, trees that are already about five years older have been planted. Thus, the new Evolution Garden matured faster.

In 2022, the Friends of Botanic Gardens Fund also made a significant contribution to the development of education and public outreach in the new Evolution Garden.

2022 Picnic tables and outdoor furniture

The picnic sets and terrace have been very well used since its renewal in 2021. By UU students and staff and by our visitors. Thanks to the Friends, the number of sitting and working places in the Gardens has now been increased even further.

Tekstpanelen over vlinders in de kassen van de Botanische Tuinen

2021 Butterfly exhibition

A new series of panels have been created for 2021 to accompany a visit to the nearby Butterfly Greenhouse. These new panels also include texts in English to serve a growing international audience.

In addition, a temporary appointment of a student researcher in ethnobotany was funded in 2021 to prepare for the North American woodland garden. This garden section was officially opened in 2022.

Twee mensen op een ligstoel bij de Waterlelievijver

2021: Sustainable garden furniture

With support from the Friends, additional, durable garden furniture such as deck chairs, picnic tables and benches were purchased in 2021. The furniture is widely used.

Voorkant Jubileummagazine Botanische Tuinen 2019

2019: Anniversary magazine

For the Jubilee magazine celebrating our 380th anniversary, the Friends Fund made a financial contribution. The magazine had a circulation of 10,000. Friends and other relations received the magazine free of charge. In addition, it was sold in the garden shop.

Monarchvlinders op bloeme van Vlinderstruik

2018/2019: Permanent Butterfly Greenhouse

A permanent Butterfly Greenhouse had been a wish for years. The plants can grow out and no time needs to be spent on clearing the greenhouse every year. Apart from our Friends, the Butterfly Greenhouse has been made possible by several other funds and was opened in May 2019.

Groenling man en vrouw op een voederschaal

2017: Birdhouse DeTuinfluiter

At the Birdhouse, we explore the relationship between birds and plants. You will see birds up close and learn more about birds and their behaviour thanks to information panels and an electrical board. Apart from our Friends, the Birdhouse was made possible by several other funds and was opened in March 2017.