Photography and film

Utrecht University Botanic Gardens provides a perfect setting for photography and film. Read more about the possibilities and conditions below.

Special occasions

Wedding couple in the Rock Garden

Filming and photographing for private use is permitted in the Botanical Gardens. The Gardens are visited annually by many bridal couples for beautiful wedding and engagement shoots. There are general terms and conditions you need to check. Please read the below conditions carefully before visiting. Contact:

Public Relations

Wetenschappelijk directeur van de Botanische Tuinen Edwin Pos wijst naar een plant in de Tropische kassen en vertelt daarover terwijl hij wordt geinterview en gefilmd voor het televisieprogramma Vroege Vogels.
Science Director Edwin Pos at 'Vroege Vogels'

Of course we are happy to collaborate on (journalistic) productions about the Botanical Gardens, our history, the collection, the research and education taking place here. We are happy to think along with you about interviews with our colleagues or recordings in the Gardens. Please contact our communications department.

Commercial shoots, where the Botanic Gardens are the backdrop for fashion or product photography, are not allowed.