Our mission is that every visitor keeps discovering something new and special about the world of plants. The Gardens provides therefore various resources for accessibility in order to achieve that mission.

Wheelchair accessible and toilets for the disabled

With the exception of parts of the Rock Garden, the Botanic Gardens are accessible to people in wheelchairs. Both in the Entrance Building and in the Tropical Greenhouses, there are toilets for the disabled. You can easily access the Gardens via the automatic fence next to the Entrance Building. Our front-desk volunteers can open this fence for you from the inside of the Entrance Building. When you want to leave the Gardens, a big red button has been installed for this purpose on the other side of the fence. Press this button and the automatic gate opens.


There are two parking spaces right in front of the entrance door for our disabled visitors. Do you have a European disabled parking card? Then you may park in these parking spaces. The locations of other parking spaces are explained on our address & directions webpage.

Borrow a wheelchair

For people who have mobility problems, a number of wheelchairs are available. These so-called 'HandyCar(e)s' are located next to the Entrance Building and can be borrowed by means of a token system, just like shopping carts. In the Entrance Building, we also sell special 'Botanic Gardens Tokens' that are suitable for this. Coins of € 1, €0,50 or € 2 can also be used. The wheelchairs can be easily pushed on the hardened paths throughout the Gardens. The wheelchairs cannot be reserved in advance.

Raised planters

In the Discovery Garden, a number of specific modifications have been made in order to facilitate visits for people with disabilities. For instance, there are raised planters so you can also feel the plants and see them up close from a wheelchair. Furthermore, the paths have been completed with a light tiling of seashells that contrasts with the dark tappable edges in order to make them easier to follow for people who are visually impaired.


Assistance dogs are welcome. Persons accompanying persons in wheelchairs who are not self reliant have free access. Persons accompanying persons who have companion passes also have free access.


Feel free to use the digital map of the Gardens to prepare your visit. This map is also available at the front desk. If you need help and/or have any questions, our front-desk volunteers are at your service!

Mensen in scootmobiel bezoeken de Kassen