Faculty Open Science Team (FOST)

Each faculty has a faculty open science team (FOST) that functions as a link between the faculty and the open science programme. Here, Open Science principles are translated to the context of the faculty. The faculty Open Science teams advise the faculty board and initiate faculty actions.

The Faculty Open Science Team is composed of at least one Fellow per Open Science track, together with the member of the UU Open Science Platform and the Faculty Ambassador of the Open Science Community. The team is chaired by the dean. On the initiative of the Dean, the composition of the team, in addition to the aforementioned members, can be completed as needed.

Faculty of ScienceDrs. Liesbeth Noor 
Faculty of Veterinary MedicineProf. dr. Femke Broere 
Faculty of HumanitiesWietske Tinga
Faculty of MedicineRinze Benedictus 
Faculty of GeosciencesDrs. Eveline Helsper
Faculty REBODr. Mira Scholten 
Faculty of Social SciencesIlske Timmermans