Faces of Open Science

The Open Science movement has many faces and is evolving, both nationally and internationally. At UU, we think it is important to make this diversity visible and discussable, because critics should also have a voice withín the culture change.

Project plan

This project was started by the Open Science Programme of Utrecht University. With this project we want to give shape to a diverse community that works together on a science which forms an integral part of society. We did that by gaining insight into the diversity of persona who work on Open Science in the University and which diverse types of ideal academies they envision and give shape in their work (phase 1: March 2021-June 2022). Subsequently we used these persona and ideal academies to develop tools/work forms to facilitate self-awareness amongst diverse groups (both academics and support staff) at Utrecht University and University Medical Center Utrecht. This way we want to mobilize and encourage people working in the UU to perform Open Science practices in their own academic context (both research and education). (Phase 1.2: April 2023 – June 2023). As well as encourage and train diverse groups to further develop the products of FOS in their own academic environment to give shape to a healthy and productive community (Phase 2: start September 2023). 

The persona and ideal academies that were constructed are based on in-depth, private, interviews with key players in the Open Science movement at Utrecht University who form a representative group for the diversity of the movement. The interviews were based on questions concerning the personal (academic) history of the interviewee, the consequences of that for their views on science in relation to society and scientific knowledge and how their vision on Open Science follows from that. Those interviews were coded and analyzed for recurring themes and differences between the views of the interviewees. The results of that were reduced and regrouped into eleven persona and four ideal academies.