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For the second time, the 2022 survey examined how familiar UU employees are with the ideas of Open Science and whether they are already putting it into practice. New to this second Open Science survey is that now UU employees in non-scientific roles were also surveyed. The survey was completed by 14% of scientists, which is double the response rate from the first survey in 2020. 16% of colleagues in non-science roles completed the monitor.

Initial results show that awareness of Open Science topics among respondents is between 50% and 85%. For open access, it is even close to 100%. This is a great result. However, we do not see an increase in familiarity with the topics compared to two years ago. The survey also shows that a positive attitude toward Open Science often does not yet lead to corresponding actions. The space between a positive attitude and behavior seems to have hardly diminished in 2022 compared to 2020. According to Henk Kummeling, rector magnificus of Utrecht University, the transition to Open Science is a "work in progress.

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GitHub is an online platform where you can develop, manage, and publish code, software and other documents. The analysis scripts and pre-registration of the Open Science Monitor can be found through GitHub on the Open Science Monitor GitHub page. There, you can also request additional analyses of the Open Science Monitor data.

To access the Open Science Monitor GitHub page, you first need to connect to the Utrecht University organization. Please follow the instructions on the welcome page of GitHub organization.


Utrecht University is not alone in its Open Science ambitions. It is also working hard nationally and internationally to implement this transition. In 2023, the national governing body open science was launched. In addition, NWO makes 1.5 million euros per year available for Open Science projects at Dutch universities. Also, the U.S. government has declared 2023 as the year of Open Science and it is a policy priority for the European Commission.

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