Open Science Fund

The Open Science Fund helps teams integrate Open Science in their work.

The goal of this fund is to give Utrecht University and University Medical Centre Utrecht employees the opportunity to integrate open science principles in their work and experiment with open science attitudes. The fund's contribution allows a team to make elements of their work more open.These projects may entail risks. A chance of failure in experimenting with open science principles is considered acceptable.

excepting applications from 14 November 2022 - 18 Jan 2023

Photo by Ivar Pel

Who can apply?

Any employee working at Utrecht University or the University Medical Centre Utrecht. 

How can you apply?

By filling out this application form and sending it to The Open Science Programme is taking applications from 14 November 2022 to 18 January 2023.   

What can you apply for?

A funding a minimum of € 10.000, up to a maximum of € 15.000. In addition to financial support the Open Science Programme offers assistance with expertise and network. 

Entry Requirements 

  • At least one employee should be employed at Utrecht University or University Medical Centre Utrecht

  • The proposal may not already receive funding from other funders such as the Open Access Fund or the Public Engagement Seed Fund


  • The proposal must focus on an problem that may benefit from an open science approach but that needs the help of this fund to do this more effectively

  • It should be demonstrated how open science principles are guaranteed 

  • The idea should have potential for wider application in other areas of research, education or university operations

  • Project should start in 2023, with a maximum running time of 12 months

Recommend elements in your proposal

  • Preferably the proposal is aligned with two out of five themes of the Open Science Programme: Open Access, Recognition & Rewards, FAIR data & software, Public Engagement or Open Education 
  • Interdisciplinary projects 

  • Applications with a team 

  • Including the Open Science Community Utrecht (OSCU) 

  • Risk and a chance of failure of the open science approach are acceptable 

How will the granted proposal be selected?

There are three steps for selecting the winning proposals. The application will be anonymized. 

  • Selection based on the entry requirements on the application form 

  • A panel of open science specialists will review the proposals

  • If needed, a further discussion about the proposal between the open science specialists and the applying team

  • Applicants will be notified on 6 March 2023


Selected projects will be (1) invited to a evaluation session, (2) featured on the Open Science website and possibly other publications and (3) you might be asked to speak at Open Science meetings or conferences.


If you are considering an application and you have any questions, please send a mail to