Good practices: Open access

Open Access publications

Open access to journal articles is already achieved by many researchers. The percentage of journal articles available in open access has increased from 34 % in 2015 to 63.5 % in 2019.

In 2018, all seven faculties had more than 50 % of their journal articles available in Open Access for the first time. Partially thanks to the OA big deals negotiated by the VSNU and the Utrecht University Open Access Fund

The Utrecht School of Economics started their Working Papers in 2003, presenting and discussing nearly finished projects.  

Taverne Pilot: You Share, We Take Care!

More than ninety academics from Utrecht University have signed up for the ‘You share, we take care!’ pilot.

Erik Molenaar (on the left) receives flowers from Jeroen Sondervan, Publishing Consultant Utrecht University Library. Photo: Frans Sellies

Erik J. Molenaar: “I would like to contribute to the transition in the publishing process, even though the new ways of publishing still have to take shape. In addition, it remains important that the quality of the publications is guaranteed and that the people who are responsible for this task get properly paid.”
By participating in the pilot, 59 articles and book chapters from his hand could be made open access available through the Utrecht University Repository.

Results from the Taverne pilot:

  Already OA OA thanks to pilot Not OA*
Publication year 2018 235 183 95
All publication years 1671 2787 1281
Peer-reviewed scientific journal 1309 2038 400
Other journal contributions 102 95 106
Book chapters 175 551 593
Conference papers 85 103 182

*  (full text could not be retrieved)

Open Access book publishing

Various open access books (monographs and edited volumes, as well as book chapters) have already been published by Utrecht University researchers in the last 5 to 10 years. An overview of just a few of those publications available in open access by various publishers is featured below.