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Being a good employer in a tight labour market: attracting and retaining qualified and motivated employees (in Dutch)
Paul Boselie and Stans de Haas, June 30 2022

Overview of Public Engagement - image

‘We owe it to society to make science more accessible’ 
Article in The Chronicle of Higher Education about Open Science policies at Utrecht University

Open Science and academic recognition and rewards: A new vision from Utrecht University
Bianca Kramer en Frank Miedema were speakers at the ECLAC Library Cycle of Webinars on Open Science (September 30 2021 in Chili).

Sharing published short academic works in institutional repositories after 6 months
The implementation of the article 25fa (Taverne Amendment) in the Dutch Copyright Act (LIBER Quarterly)

Presentation Frank Miedema on the 2nd UN Open Science Conference, July 23 2021

Nature: Impact factor abandoned by Dutch university in hiring and promotion decisions

Towards wide-scale adoption of open science practices: The role of open science communities

Open Science & stakeholder engagement (pdf): Why, how, and what could be improved?

Survey on Open Science practices at Utrecht University (pdf) - an initiative from the UU Open Science Platform.

Open Science Week 2021: Opening speech Frank Miedema: The Transition to Open Science (Sheets)

(Re)shaping the Academic Self; Connection Education with Open Science (pdf)
This white paper by Sicco de Knecht, Martijn van der Meer, Loek Brinkman and Frank Miedema is a thought exercise that explores the relationships  between open science and  education.

‘Just get started with the new recognition and rewards system’
Marieke Adriaanse and Paul Boselie are on a mission: if the UU wants to improve science, then it needs to change the way it recognises and rewards its employees. DUB, 17 February 2021)

Voice of the Utrecht Young Academy Podcasts
The Utrecht Young Academy (UYA) presents themselves, their research, and personal viewpoints in the form of podcasts.

‘The world does not benefit from scientists being ‘one-trick-pony’s’
Utrecht University pioneers for a new system of recognition and rewards (The Chronicle of Higher Education, December 1, 2020)

Survey on Open Science practices at Utrecht University (pdf)
The aim of this survey is to monitor knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours towards Open Science practices at UU and UMCU.

The Four Pillars of Open Science, and How Universities Can Implement Them
Frank Miedema explaining in Inside Higher Education the Utrecht University Open Science Programme and the way forward (November 9, 2020).

Transition to Open Science. Towards a Realistic Image and Improved Practice of Science (.pptx).
Presentation by Frank Miedema (Vice Rector Research Utrecht University, Chair UU Open Science Programme) (Aarhus, September 15, 2020).

Universities: No more beating around the bush (pdf)
The universities have collectively expressed their aim to change the way they incentivize and reward all their employees. That is a significant move, but the phase of exploring and discussing has passed. Now is the time to take concrete steps forward, and that will require determination and courage from administrators and supervisors, according to Marieke Adriaanse, Paul Boselie, Henk Kummeling and Frank Miedema.

Open Science Programme Midterm review (September 2021) (pdf)
Midterm review with goals and deliverables '22 - '23 OSP

Meaningful public engagement in the context of open science: reflections of early and mid-career academics (January 2022)

Presentation Transition to Open Science: A paradigm shift

Presentation by Frank Miedema, Vice Rector Research, Utrecht University and Chair Utrecht University Open Science Programme: Transition to Open Science: A paradigm shift. Towards a Realistic Image and Improved Practice of Science.
REWARD | EQUATOR Conference, February 20–22, 2020, Berlin, Germany

Editorial on open science and ethics

Editorial Ethical Theory and Moral Practice: Open Science and Ethics by Prof. dr. Marcus Düwell, professor of philosophical ethics at Utrecht University.
This short editorial tries to provide some orientation how we could interpret the open science principles and which pitfalls should be avoided.

Position paper on recognising and rewarding academics

On Wednesday 13 November 2019, the VSNU, NFU, KNAW, NWO and ZonMw published a position paper entitled Room for everyone’s talent: towards a new balance in the recognition and rewards for academics, in which they indicate how they aim to more broadly recognise and reward the work of academic staff.

Strategy Evaluation Protocol (SEP) 2021-2027

The SEP commission about the SEP 2021-2027