Implementation of open science is a process to further transformation of research practices. It is iterative and based on continuous learning. The Utrecht University Open Science Programme contributes to this process. The governance of the Utrecht University Open Science Programme must therefore reflect on the important role of the research community and its (diverse) practices within the various disciplines.

At the same time, the programme is closely connected to the institutional strategy and must be explicitly supported by the Executive Board of the University. The Open Science Programme collaborates closely with other Utrecht University innovation programmes, such as Research IT, Educate-it and others, to ensure alignment and avoid overlaps. Finally, open science is an important development within the (inter)national research and higher education landscape. The Open Science Programme will play a leading role while at the same time explicitly seeking (inter)national collaboration.

The organization of the Open Science Programme includes the following bodies:

  • The Utrecht University Open Science Platform, which steers the Open Science Programme. This Platform is chaired by and consists of prominent members of the Utrecht University research community and ‘forerunners’ (practitioners) with relevant expertises representing a variety of disciplines. In addition, members of the Open Science Platform are representatives of the leadership of Utrecht University.
  • A Programme Manager and Team (leaders of the five tracks) are responsible for the execution of the actions agreed upon within the Programme. The Open Science Programme Manager serves as the secretary of the Open Science Platform.

The programme activities will be grouped around themes and led by Theme Leaders and Project Teams. The composition of these teams will reflect the needed expertise, key partners and collaborations.

Open Science scheme

The Open Science Programme can only be successful if it appreciates local practices and bottom-up initiatives. The formal programme structure will therefore act as a network organisation in a highly collaborative spirit. The Open Science Programme contains topics which require collaboration with other entities within Utrecht University, each with their own existing governance structure (e.g. Public Engagement, Research IT, Educate-it). Naturally, these will continue.