The teaching programmes offered by the Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.) have a strong international and multidisciplinary character. Utrecht’s economics programme puts a great emphasis on interaction with various other disciplines. This approach allows students to develop their individual profiles as multidisciplinary economists.

Bachelor and masters

About one third of the 1300 students in the U.S.E. Bachelor’s programme and half of the 400 students in the Master’s programmes are from abroad. The Bachelor’s programme Economics and Business Economics offers many options, giving each student the opportunity to compile a degree programme tailored to his or her individual ambitions and interests.

In the Master’s phase, students can specialise in one of the (multidisciplinary) Master’s programmes, each of them with its own professional profile.

After successfully completing the Bachelor’s or Master’s programme, students are entitled to use the Bachelor of Science in Economics degree (BSc Economics) or the Master of Science in Economics degree (MSc Economics), respectively.


All programmes are taught in English. Economics is an internationally-oriented field of expertise and students are expected to explore boundaries. Therefore, bachelor students are strongly encouraged to spend part of their studies at a partner university abroad. An honours programme meets the demand for educational differentiation.

Educational quality and participation

The Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.) has a Degree Programme Committee (DPC) for the academic programmes. The OC safeguards the quality of its teaching, addresses any potential bottlenecks and gives advice, asked or unasked, concerning the development and execution of education policy.
Read more about the Committee: Student government and participation.

Executive education

As a professional, you are never done learning. This is why the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance also offers a wide range of Executive education programmes.


U.S.E. hosts the Utrecht Centre for Entrepreneurship (UtrechtCE). This Centre’s mission is to stimulate faculties in organizing and facilitating entrepreneurship courses.