Utrecht University School of Economics wants to stay in contact with alumni of our Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. They are our ambassadors. We want to involve them in events, as guest lecturers and in the development of futures programmes being attuned to the labour market.

Stay in contact

Become a member of the U.S.E. Linkedin group and stay informed of our events for alumni, vacancies and news. Through this group you can easily contact other U.S.E. alumni. Follow the latest news on twitter: @USE_UU.

Alumni Newsletter

Once or twice a year, we will email an Alumni Newsletter. If you want to receive it, please send an email to alumni.use@uu.nl. Other questions and suggestions regarding alumni are also welcome.

Recent newsletters:

Utrecht University

The Utrecht University Fund organises many events and stimulates participating in networks, such as the Coach Network and the Young Alumni Network. Have a look at the possibilities for alumni.