PhD at U.S.E.

Graduates of the research master’s programme Multidisciplinary Economics are eligible for a PhD position. Also other (research) master’s programmes (no MBA) offer a possibility to get a doctoral degree at U.S.E. Have a look at the vacancies to see whether a PhD position is available.  

External PhD position

You can also obtain an external PhD position at U.S.E. Our professors will assess whether one of them could be your supervisor. Before you will be admitted as external PhD, you will have to meet a number of conditions:

  • You have specified the first chapter of your intended dissertation.
  • You have specified the research plan.
  • Depending on your educational background you will have to follow courses at the level of the research master. This is to be discussed with the supervising professor.


You can also obtain a PhD position on a scholarship, when you or your organisation will be financing the PhD track and a U.S.E. professor is willing to act as your supervisor. To apply, please send your research proposal and curriculum vitae (resume) to the professor. When sufficiently funded, it could be possible to work on your doctoral research at U.S.E.


U.S.E. Research Institute e-mail:
Please note: Applications via this e-mail address will not be processed. You'll need to do this via a professor.