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At Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.) a weekly seminar is organised. The seminars consist of two presentations concerning the same topic. The first half hour is reserved for U.S.E. researchers who will present their research papers, the last hour is reserved for external researchers.

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Previous Seminars 2017

22 June

PhD candidate presentations:

  • Rositsa Neikova (external PhD candidate)
  • Sanjay Drigpal (external PhD candidate)
  • Rebean Al-Silefanee
  • Vincent Schippers
18 May

PhD candidate presentations:

  • Lucia Rossel Flores
  • Timo Verlaat
  • Franziska Heinicke
  • Simone Pourier (external PhD candidate)
16 May

Tommaso Reggiani, LUMSA

11 May

Lu Zhang: China's bubble economy

2 May

Steven Pressman (Colorado State University)

25 April

Amar Bhide (Tufts School of Business )

20 April

PhD candidate presentations:

  • Jeroen Content
  • Lydia Lumanauw
  • Merve Burnazoglu (external PhD candidate)
  • Thomas Gomez
18 April

Joel Shapiro, Oxford University

11 April

Michiel Gerritse, University of Groningen

6 April

PhD candidate presentations:

  • Katharina Weddige-Haaf (external PhD candidate)
  • Jingyang Liu
  • Jordy Meekes    
  • Milena Dinkova
28 March

Ricky Kanabar (University of Essex): Low income dynamics among ethnic minorities in the UK

23 March

PhD candidate presentations:

  • Timur Pasch (external PhD candidate)
  • Dea Tusha
21 March

Jasmin Groeschl (ifo Institut - Leibniz-Institut fuer Wirtschaftsforschung an der Universitaet Muenchen e.V.) 

16 March

Carla Costa: Spin-off Performance in Industry Clusters: Embodied Knowledge vs. Embedded Firms

14 March

Piotr Denderski, University of Leicester

23 February

PhD candidate presentations:

  • Werner Liebregts
  • Lesley Potters (external PhD candidate)
  • Ian Koetsier
  • Leidy  Breuls
2 February

PhD candidate presentations:

  • An Duong 
  • Peter D. van der Meer
  • Milena Dinkova
  • Sergei Hoxa: The effect of firm labour flexibility on innovation and productivity. Empirical results from the German Labour Market

Previous Seminars 2016

15 December

Internal speaker: Jochem ZweerinkResidential mobility in the Netherlands before and during the Great Recession

13 December

External speaker: Eric StoblThe Inflationary Costs of Extreme Weather in Developing Countries

8 December

Internal speaker: Marc SchrammWillingness to pay for professional football club, case of Nijmegen, NEC

6 December

External speaker: Gary Cook (Professor of entrepreneurship and innovation, Dean of the University of Liverpool Management School): Firm Strategies and Recovery in the Financial Crisis

1 December

Internal speaker: Mark SandersThe economic impact of natural hazards

29 November

External speaker: Mathew Hughes (Durham University): Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Family Firms: Studies into Socio-emotional Wealth, Governance and Family Social Capital

22 November

External speaker: Vahagn Jerbashian (University of Barcelona): On the industry specificity of human capital and business cycles.

17 November

Internal speaker: Philip FliersDividend Smoothing

15 November

External speaker: Damjan Pfajfar (Federal Reserve Board, Washington DC): Policy Shocks and Wage Rigidities: Empirical Evidence From Regional Effects of National Shocks

3 November

Internal speaker: Adriaan KalwijThe impact of financial education on financial literacy and saving behavior: Evidence from a controlled field experiment at Dutch primary schools

27 October

Internal speaker: Florian SniekersEfficient Insurance in a Market Theory of Payroll and Self-Employment

25 October

External speaker: Silvio Vismara (University of Bergamo): Corporate Governance in Equity Crowdfunding

18 October

External speaker: Romel Mostafa (Ivey Business School): Barbarians at the Gate: How Foreign Competition Influences Intra-Organizational Strategic Conflict

11 October

External speaker: Fred van Raaij, Tilburg University: Self-control of Economic Behavior

27 September

External speaker: Thorsten Beck, Cass Business School, London - Foreign Bank Entry and Entrepreneurship 
(joint research with Laura Alfaro and Charles Calomiris)

June 21

PhD candidate presentations:

12.30-12.50 Tim van der Valk: A Functional Analysis of Financial Systems: Household Portfolios in France and the Netherlands, 1970 until today.
12.50-13.10 Franziska Heinicke: Exploring self-image motives in the hypothetical bias for private goods
13.10-13.30 Swantje Falcke: Education mismatches for second generation migrants. An analysis of applied science graduates in the Netherland
13.30-13.50 Jeroen Content: Related variety and entrepreneurship across Europe.
13.50-14.10 Dea Tusha

June 14

PhD candidates presentations:
12.30-12.50 Leydi Johana Breuls
12.50-13.10 Werner Liebregts: A Cross-Cultural Approach to the Allocation of Talent across Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship.
13.10-13.30 Simone Pourier (external PhD candidate Erik Stam): Scaling the Hybrid Business Model

June 7

External speaker: Fabio Milani (UC Irvine): Sentiments and the U.S. Business Cycle 

May 31

External speaker: Yun Dai (Erasmus University) : Popular but More Effective Toeholds in Corporate Takeovers

May 24

External speaker: Britta Hoyer (Paderborn University):Matching Strategies of Heterogeneous Agents in a University Clearinghouse (joined with N. Maraun, Paderborn University).

May 10

PhD candidates presentation;
12.30-12.50        Peter D. van der Meer: The role of religiousness in coping with job insecurity.
12.50-13.10        Zori Kambourova: Women’s employment adjustments after an adverse health event
13.10-13.30        Merve Burnazoglu (external PhD candidate): An Identity-Based Club Theory Approach to Immigration and Adaptation
13.30-13.50        Jingyang Liu: The money and credit research in the euro area: investigation with disaggregate data
13.50-14.10        Li Lin: Contextualizing Ethical Leadership Effectiveness: An Examination of Team Ethical Climate and Employee Traditionality in China

April 19

External candidate: Joris Knoben (RU Nijmegen): What do they know? The antecedents of information accuracy differentials in interorganizational networks 

April 12

PhD candidates presentation;
Timur Pasch (external PhD candidate): Organizational Life Cycle and Strategic Management Accounting
Ian Koetsier: Herd behaviour in sovereign bonds by Dutch pension funds

April 5

External speaker Jeroen Klomp (Wageningen University):
Conditional election and partisan cycles in public natural disaster support

March 22

External speaker: Martijn Boermans (De Nederlandsche Bank):
Investor Heterogeneity and International Investment Positions: Estimating a Gravity Model with Security-by-Security Data (with Robert Vermeulen (DNB))

15 March 2016

PhD candidates presentations:
Daan van der Linde: More than Meets the Eye? Demand for redistribution under incomplete information
Rebean Al-silefanee: Antecedent of Students’ Entrepreneurial Intentions: A study in the Kurdistan Region
Emilie Rademakers: Routinization across Sectors: Theory and Evidence

8 March 2016

Internal speaker: Anna Salomons
RBTC and Employment in Europe: Theory and Evidence on Labor Demand Effects

16 February 2016

Internal speaker: Carla Costa
Performance Drivers of Co-agglomerated Related Industries

External speaker: Guido Buenstorf (Kassel University)
Dont't Talk to Strangers? Cognitive Proximity, Social Proximity and Innovation in a Natural Experiment

External speaker: Klaus Zimmermann (IZA)
Macroeconomic Conditions and the Well-Being of Migrants

Previous Seminars 2015

December 9th

Four PhD-students and two Post-Doc researchers will pitch their work to visiting professor Oded Galor and staff at Utrecht School of Economics.
15.00-15.30:        Michail Moatsos "Global Absolute Poverty: Behind the Veil of Dollars"
15.30-16.00:        Auke Rijpma  "Quantity versus Quality: Household structure, number of siblings, and educational attainment in the long nineteenth century”.
16.00-16.30:        Krista Bruns “Mechanisms of Institutional Diffusion between Societies"
Break                    (15 minutes)
16.45-17.15:        Bram van Besouw  “Economic development in a limited access order: North-western Europe, c. 1000-1700".
17.15-17.45:        Selin Dilli “Family Systems, Female Agency and (Economic) Development".
17.45-18.15:        Sarah Carmichael  “Gender Relations, Family Systems and Economic Development: Explaining the Reversal of Fortune in EurAsia".
18.15-18.30:        Concluding remarks
18:30-19:00:        Drinks

December 2

Internal speaker: Giulia Piccillo
Monetary Policy with Diverse Private Expectations - Insights and Implications
We study the impact of diverse beliefs on conduct of monetary policy.

External speaker: Lance Kent (Department of Economics, College of William and Mary)
Unrest, Risk, and Macroeconomic Activity  (joint with Toan Phan of UNC Chapel Hill)
It is well established that increased uncertainty can lead to declines in economic activity.

November 25

Internal speaker: Adriaan Kalwij
Inflation experiences of retirees
Pension entitlements have not been fully indexed in nominal terms in recent years in the Netherlands (in some case, they have even been reduced) due to low funding ratios at the pension funds.

External speaker: Rob Alessie (University of Groningen)
Women, confidence and financial literacy
The literature documents robust evidence of a gender gap in financial literacy: Women consistently show lower levels of financial literacy than men.

November 18

Internal speaker: Utz Weitzel
Rankings and Risk-Taking in the Finance Industry

External speaker: Alexander Kritikos (DIW Berlin)
Do Entrepreneurs Really Earn Less?
Based on representative micro data for Germany, we compare the incomes of the self-employed with those of wage workers.

November 4

External speaker: Michael Boehm (University of Bonn)
Since you’re so rich, you must be really smart: Talent and the finance wage premium (with Daniel Metzger and Per Strömberg)
Relative pay in the financial sector has experienced an extraordinary increase over the last few decades.

October 21

Internal speaker: Loek Groot
The Left-Right dimension in social-economic policies and in voting advice applications

External speaker: Andranik Tangian (Karhlsruhe Institute of Technology)
Is the left-right alignment of parties outdated?
The advocates of modern western democracy promote the viewpoint that the class division of the society is becoming outdated.

October 14

Internal speaker: Jordy Meekes
Effect of the status in the housing market on post-displacement labour market outcomes

External speaker: Matias Cortes (University of Manchester)
Task Specialization within Establishments and the Decline of Routine Employment
This paper analyzes the decline in routine-intensive middle-skill occupations using establishment-level data for the UK for 1998, 2004 and 2011

October 7

Internal Speaker: Yolanda Grift
Economic development among the Maroons of Suriname

External speaker: Tina Dulam (Anton de Kom Universiteit)
High skilled migration from Suriname to the Netherlands.
Suriname witnesses a brain drain, in particular to the Netherlands.

September 30

Internal speaker: Milena Dinkova
Know more, spend more? The impact of financial literacy on household consumption growth.

External speaker: Simon Janssen (Institute for Employment Research (IAB))
The long-lasting effect of technological change on the careers of young workers: Evidence from changes of mandatory training regulations.
This paper investigates how the increasing labor supply of fresh graduates with modern IT (information technology) skills impacts the careers of incumbent workers during periods of fundamental technological change.

September 23

External speaker: Erik Ansink (Vrije Universiteit)
The economics of the limited access order

September 16

External speaker: Friederike Welter (The Institut für Mittelstandsforschung (IfM))
A context perspective on entrepreneurship: Taking stock and looking forward.
For a while now, context has been on the agenda of entrepreneurship researchers

September 9

Internal Speaker: Frank Verbeeten
Exploring the relation between the use of performance measures and business unit innovation
The aim of this study is to investigate whether performance measurement diversity, respectively strategic performance measure alignment, is associated with the innovativeness of business units. 

External speaker: Marc Wouters (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
Using Customer Value Propositions to Guide Technology Commercialization -- A survey-based study on how new technology-based firms use customer value propositions
New technology-based firms often lack in-depth understanding of what would make their products and services truly valuable for prospective customers.