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Teaching environment Governance Lab Utrecht
20 September 2018
Supervisory Board of Utrecht University checks at UtrechtInc, Utrecht Holdings and the Centre for Entrepreneurship how the UU supports entrepreneurship.
Suzanne, Yvette en Johanneke
17 September 2018
Johanneke and Suzanne wrote their thesis on entrepreneurship and how entrepreneurs learn from their social network.
Ziek thuis op de bank onder een dekentje
12 September 2018
There is strong evidence that employees respond to both negative and positive incentives to reduce absenteeism, Wolter Hassink writes in IZA World of Labor.
Bank pinautomaat in het donker
6 September 2018
People expect businesses to behave as good citizens, but a business is not a regular citizen.
Collegezaal bij U.S.E. met studenten
4 September 2018
We join forces with the leading economics education reform movement, which has established the new Curriculum Open access Resources in Economics (CORE).