Sections and Chairs

The U.S.E. Research Institute works from a joint research programme Multidisciplinary economics. We are organized in four sections:

U.S.E. accommodates three centres:



  • Accounting: prof. Frank Verbeeten
  • Applied Econometrics: prof Wolter Hassink
  • Banking and Finance: prof Kees Koedijk
  • Corporate Finance: prof Marie Dutordoir
  • Economics, Institutions and Society: prof Coen Teulings
  • Economics of the Welfare State: prof Janneke Plantenga
  • Employment and Inequality: prof Anna Salomons
  • Global Economic Challenges: prof Joost de Laat
  • Global Environmental Change: prof Wouter Botzen
  • History of Economics: prof Marcel Boumans
  • Institutions and Economics: prof Maarten Goos
  • International Business: prof Samuele Murtinu
  • International Macroeconomics: prof Charles van Marrewijk
  • Labour Economics: prof Joop Schippers
  • Marketing and Business Development: prof Jeroen de Jong
  • Microeconomics: prof Stephanie Rosenkranz
  • Political Economy: prof Bob Rijkers
  • Public Procurement: prof Fredo Schotanus
  • Social Entrepreneurship: prof Niels Bosma
  • Strategy, Organization and Entrepreneurship: prof Erik Stam