Working Papers

In the Working Papers, nearly finished projects of U.S.E. Research Institute are discussed.

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How to submit a working paper?

Please send your document to Marianne de Jonge:

The text can be sent in a PDF document. Please make sure the text starts at the top of the page! If you want to use page numbering, please note that it starts at three (there are two information pages in front of the text)

The general information should be sent in a Word file. The following information should be included in this document:

  • Contact information of the author(s);
  • Title of the working paper;
  • Abstract;
  • JEL codes;
  • Key words;
  • (optional) Acknowledgements

Please use the Verdana font.

Marianne de Jonge will make it into a working paper and she will notify you when the paper will be put online.