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16 November 2018
Banks and pension funds are still not taking sufficient account of the risks of climate change, writes Mark Sanders on the NRC climate blog.
15 November 2018
The top Master's thesis of U.S.E. was recognised with the U.S.E. Master's Thesis Award. The winner of the award of 2017-2018 is Justus van Kesteren.
Erik Stam
8 November 2018
Bij de fundamentele veranderingen op de arbeidsmarkt horen mogelijk nieuwe regels, wetten en belastingen. Erik Stam is gevraagd om dat mede te onderzoeken.


Wall street
27 November 2018 13:30 - 15:00
This event brings together a lawyer, a social scientist and a philosopher from England, Belgium and Germany, for an interdisciplinary round-table discussion.
Janneke Plantenga
7 December 2018 12:30 - 16:00
In this masterclass Janneke Plantenga will explore the tension field between the economic and pedagogical value of childcare.
11 December 2018 11:00 - 12:30
U.S.E. Seminar with Jona Linde Maastricht University. His research focuses on individual decision making, especially under risk, social preferences and nudging.