About U.S.E.


We focus on the future of work, entrepreneurship, sustainable finance, sustainability and economic development, and behavioural insights for policy making.

Our research has scientific rigour, but we also cherish relevance for society. This means that we are inspired by society, including business and government, but also that we contribute to solutions of problems and opportunities. For this we enrich economics with other disciplines, because this gives us a better view on the economy and how to improve it.

On a regular basis we share and discuss the results of our research during seminar series, with working papers and workshops. Even more importantly: we strive to have societal impact with our research.


We offer a broad Bachelor’s programme and specialised Master’s programmes. If you choose to study Economics and Business Economics in Utrecht, you choose a broad based view on economic issues. We analyse economic issues with the insights of other disciplines, including geography, law, social sciences and data sciences. For the real world perspective.

Education at U.S.E. is English-taught. One third of the students comes from abroad and most of our staff have an international background.


Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.) is one of the three departments of the Faculty of Law, Economics, and Government of Utrecht University.


The academic staff of U.S.E. is organized in four sections:

Location and Contact

U.S.E. is based at the International Campus of Utrecht University. See contact for the address details or search for one of our staff members.

You can also have a look at the composition of our boards and the supporting staff.

U.S.E. accommodates three centers:

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